Routine Shake-Up

All human’s have the need for certainty – with safety and security being critical to survival it’s one of those needs that makes us realise we haven’t evolved all that far.

Routines are great to meet our need for certainty – but every now and again make sure you do something differently.

Routines start out well but after awhile they can become comfort zones.

Comfort zones feel great in the beginning, but after awhile everything outside them can incite fear – even something you used to do often.

Nothing in nature ever stays the same for long – it is either green and growing or ripe and rotting, and well oiled routines are often a point of ripeness in our lives.

It doesn’t mean throw everything up in the air and start again, but just occasionally do something that makes you a little uncomfortable just to remind yourself that you still can!

If you always drive, take a train or walk instead.

If you’re always with others, make time to go out for a meal by yourself.

If you always rush, take time to move slowly, look up and appreciate the view.

These are the moments that remind us to be grateful that we are lucky enough to be comfortable.

What can you do today to shake things up?

{Certainty is one of the 6 Core Human Needs according to Tony Robbins. Find out about the others here}

The Secret to Success

Great success does not happen because you decided to try one day.

It does not happen because you really hoped it would.

It does not happen because you had a burst of enthusiasm and a moment of massive action – then spat the dummy and walked away when the results didn’t show up right away.

Great success comes when you lean in when everyone else is stepping out.

It comes with you keep showing up with the same passion, determination and grit – even when the results haven’t shown up yet.

It’s the sum of small decisions, consistent actions repeated every single day that move you in the direction of your dreams.

Most people need to see evidence of their effort being rewarded before they’ll continue making the effort.

They look to the external and start worrying about what they don’t have instead of staying clear on what they want.

They bring it for a day or two then drop their standards because nobody is looking and nobody else is bringing it so why should they?


The only secret to success is to show up longer than the things trying to defeat you.

Successful people know that the darkest moments are simply the test to ensure they’re really ready to handle the incredible rewards that are just about to follow.

The rest is just the scenery.

Choice is Everything

Choice is everything in life.

Choice has the power to turn the good into bad, or the bad into good.

Choice keeps you on a spiral of CANI (Constant and neverending Improvement) or CANDisappointment.

Choice let’s you notice love and truth or fear and doubt.

Choice gives you the ability to create the reality of your nightmares or the world of your dreams?

To see only the grey clouds or the beauty in the rainbow.

To recite what you’ve remembered, or to apply what you have learned to really live your life.

To turn average into good, good into great, great into outstanding.

To complain that you cant, or find a way to prove you can.

To choose to live a great life is your choice – not anybody else’s.

Choice is everything. Choose wisely.