Happy New Year and Welcome to 2017.

As the hangovers wear off and the new day settles in, for many people it’s it’s the time for resolve.

It’s the time to say out with the old and in with the new, making loud and proud declarations of decisions we’ve made about how THiS year is the one that will be different to the rest.

But life doesn’t change overnight. When we woke up today it was just another Sunday.

The problems we had yesterday still exist today – don’t know about you but I didn’t wake up this morning 20kgs lighter and $1Million dollars richer.

What does change at the stroke of midnight though is our resolve.

“We can’t change our past, we can’t even change our present. We can only change our future by doing something different right now” Fiona Eberle

That resolve shouldn’t be underestimated- it has massive power to propel us forward. The new decisions we’ve made about how 2017 will be different can really come true – if we know how to make it so.

Allow me to introduce the long awaited, much anticipated and eagerly requested Figured for Life – 90 Day Life Transformation Project! 

“It takes 30days to change a habit, but 90 Days can change your life”

Over the last 8years as a professional coach we’ve been accumulating tools, activities and insights to help transform lives and now for the first time we’re making them available to you in an easy to access, online app so you can truly make your New Years Resolutions a reality.

With your passionate determination and our professional master coach support, the next 90 Days will be the beginning of not just your New Year, also Your Transformed and Wonderful Life.

Find out more and access your Figured For Life – 90 Day Life Transformation Project

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