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Life Transformation Project

The resolve of New Years Resolutions shouldn’t be underestimated- it has massive power to propel us forward. The new decisions we’ve made about how 2017 will be different can really come true – if we know how to make it so.


Time to Quit

Quit Smoking in 1 Hour Guaranteed* Quit smoking for good through Hypnotherapy $250/session – Less than a months worth of Cigarettes! Prevention planning against future smoking triggers Prevention planning against possible weight gain Deeper clearing for trauma triggers available on request Guided meditation tools available to help deal resourcefully with stress mentoring and accountability available until you have achieved your Aligned Future Have you … Read More Time to Quit



Hypnosis can be an outstanding tool to help release addictions and unhealthy habits that are keeping you stuck. While coaching and counselling can take time to work through current challenges and plan for the future, hypnosis sessions¬†can easily create immediate and lasting change¬†which makes it perfect for things like quitting smoking. Your ongoing coaching and counselling sessions can also be supported by our range … Read More Hypnosis