Routine Shake-Up

All human’s have the need for certainty – with safety and security being critical to survival it’s one of those needs that makes us realise we haven’t evolved all that far.

Routines are great to meet our need for certainty – but every now and again make sure you do something differently.

Routines start out well but after awhile they can become comfort zones.

Comfort zones feel great in the beginning, but after awhile everything outside them can incite fear – even something you used to do often.

Nothing in nature ever stays the same for long – it is either green and growing or ripe and rotting, and well oiled routines are often a point of ripeness in our lives.

It doesn’t mean throw everything up in the air and start again, but just occasionally do something that makes you a little uncomfortable just to remind yourself that you still can!

If you always drive, take a train or walk instead.

If you’re always with others, make time to go out for a meal by yourself.

If you always rush, take time to move slowly, look up and appreciate the view.

These are the moments that remind us to be grateful that we are lucky enough to be comfortable.

What can you do today to shake things up?

{Certainty is one of the 6 Core Human Needs according to Tony Robbins. Find out about the others here}