What will you get in an Aligned Future session?

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Coaching is like no other conversation. Your Aligned Future coach is not paid to be nice to you all of the time, they are here to help you see your honest truth, provide you with a SAFE place for YOU to be heard, understood and called out on your BS.

So much of society is overly concerned with political correctness and sugar coating their problems just to look good.

With the advancements of technology and social media the reality of what is really going on for people is being skewed completely off balance. Outwardly, people are seeming more positive and their lives appearing more perfect, however offline they’re becoming found out and “keeping up with the Jones’s” effect is taking a huge toll.

With our busy society it is becoming increasingly rare to have a conversation about what REALLY MATTERS.
With the breakdown of community/family structure, there are no longer ‘rites of passage’ , guidance and support on how to navigate through life’s ongoing challenges.

For most people, they still get this guidance as children although with the increase of split families this mentoring is most often found outside the family home, be it sporting coaches or teachers, giving kids a better chance of having someone to ask for guidance.

Once they leave home/school, for most they’re on their own.

Traditional counselling has long held a stigma in our society, particularly among men as a sign of weakness . Many people were taught to suck it up and get on with it rather than sit on a couch and cry about your problems.

The modern counselling and coaching at Aligned Future is definitely not a cuddles and crying session…. In fact you’re more likely to get a swift kick up the bum and shown how to move forward rather than worry about the things you can’t change or influence.

What you will get though, is the Ability to be heard, to talk about what’s really bothering you. To get your concerns off your chest in a way they won’t come back and bite you later. In a place where there is no judgement and no agenda except to make sure you’re ok.

When was the last time you had someone focus solely on you for an hour? Not half listening, half waiting to dump their problems on you, but genuinely listening, asking questions and brainstorming solutions about how to help you change what you can an forgive what you can’t?

Most Aligned Future clients are the person that everyone else comes to. You’re the rock for your family and friends. You’re the provider, you’re the hard worker who just gets on with getting shit done.

You’re kind and generous and most often that means you’re also the most likely to get taken advantage of and screwed over, in judgments, custody battles and anything where the only way to win is to hurt someone else. You’re that kind of person but will cop it on the chin and hope it will go away.

Sounding familiar?
Give us a call, we used to be those people (ok who are we kidding, we’re still those people) but we’ve learnt the tools to change the patterns and change the future and we want to help you do the same.

We all have our demons, it’s time to share them with someone who’s not afraid of yours.

Go head to head with a coach who has your back and let your honest truth be heard.

Your first consultation is free and if you don’t feel like it’s for you then you can walk away and get on with bottling things up like nothing has happened, but if you come in with an open mind you may be surprised at how much brighter your future can look at the end of your Aligned Future sessions.


Book a free 30 Minute Curious about Coaching chat today