Need a hand to get your mindset back on track? Don’t have time for a full coaching experience yet? Aligned Future Hypnosis and Guided Meditation sessions are a great way to kick start your momentum again.

Stress Reduction

Pretty well everyone agrees that life would be better if they could just get rid of some of the stress in it. Unfortunately, for most of us, just quitting our jobs and disappearing onto a private beach with endless mimosa’s is not a legitimate option though.
In the meantime, our Stress Reduction guided meditation is a great alternative. At just under 20 minutes, it is the perfect break out session to be used throughout the day to give you a deep restful experience in the middle of the crazy world.


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Ideal Health Blueprint

Besides time, our health is the most precious resource we have and most of us spend a lot of time trying to take care of it. But with 1000 different conflicting messages about what it takes to be healthy, who knows what way is the right way? You do. Or more specifically, your cells do. Our bodies are born with a perfect blueprint for our health but sometimes by the time we become adults our minds keep overriding and ignoring the messages. The Ideal Health Blueprint hypnosis session is a reset button, an opportunity to clear out the clutter of what you “should” do and an opportunity to give your body a clean fresh start. An absolute must to assist in any dietary change or QUIT program.


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Wealth Intensive

Whether you like it or not, we live in a society where money is an integral part of our society. The problem is, whether you like it or not also determines how much money comes into your life, stays in your life, or slips through your fingers never to be seen again. Our limiting beliefs and blocks around money impacts our reality but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is true. During the Wealth Intensive hypnosis you’ll be able to see clearly the beliefs that serve you and let go of the ones that don’t, to help you attract and keep the wealthy future you deserve.


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Figured for Life – 90 Day Life Transformation Project

Figured for Life – 90 Day Life Transformation Project has been developed from an accumulation of over 8 years experience as a Professional Coach (and 33 years at the University of Life) and captures what I have learnt about the power of tapping into the hidden resources contained within each of us.

Each of us has what it takes to live a life full of passion, joy, love and vitality – we just need to know how.

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